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At CARE MATTERS our focus is on seniors and our mission is to protect them.



At Care Matters, our focus on seniors and a mission to protect and serve them. We are setting the bar for senior care. Our business model is based on the needs of seniors and their caregivers by providing customized placement services, care navigation, private duty nursing, and certified death midwife services

Our hub of trusted professionals in the senior market will help you find the resources you need now and will be there to adapt as your needs change.

We'll help you to navigate the complexities of finding the perfect forever home or supply the resources needed if you desire to stay at home and require support through the end of life.

Let us be your guide through this journey. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year, call email or text us anytime, we are here to serve you and your loved ones.



Registered Nurse | Case Manager | College Instructor | VA Nurse | Director of Hospice | Clinical Manager of Home Health | Placement Specialist | Master Negotiator | Death Midwife



I am Kimberly Diaz. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend, lover of animals, RN, and advocate for my clients. My 22 years of hands-on professional clinical experience as a Registered Nurse, Case Manager, College Instructor, VA Nurse, Director of Hospice, Clinical Manager of Home Health, Placement specialist, Master Negotiator, and Death Midwife has given me the experience, leadership skills, and the knowledge to recognize we need to do better. That there is no cookie-cutter solution. That each case, each family, each patient has unique needs that need to be considered for them to receive optimal care. 

In the last 13 years, I have been in hospice care, focused on geriatrics and dementia. I was first introduced to geriatrics and dementia through my grandfather. He was a Veteran and I spent many hours at the VA starting at the age of four visiting him.  While visiting him, I would also visit many fascinating men and women admitted to the VA with similar diagnoses.  I felt the immediate need to “help” them, to bring them solace, and to make a difference. These visits, while short in nature, were comforting to them and I enjoyed contributing at an early age. 

Professional Care Navigator | Educator | Certified Medicare Expert



Alicia Veillon joins Care Matters Always as a Professional Care Navigator in southern Colorado, covering the Castle Rock to Colorado Springs area. Alicia holds a degree in accounting from Northwestern State University and has since realized how much she enjoys connecting people together.


Being an avid networker, writer and educator she's met a variety of people along the way that has enriched her journey. That's how she found how much knowing about Medicare and long term care could help others. So she became fully certified to be able to lead others in the right direction. Her education, compassion, and experience working with seniors and their families are what has drawn her to want to do more. Just recently she has walked down the very Isle of experiencing what most of our clients do with her own Mother. Where do we go from here?

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With my clinical expertise and knowledge

of senior communities, I work with you to find your perfect forever home. By "connecting with intention" I'm able to advocate for patients who are unable to make their needs known such as Alzheimer's patients.


My number one goal is to listen to your needs and match your loved one with the best resources for their needs. Let me be your guide as you transition through the many challenges of the aging process and to help answer and address these imperative significant questions of where do we go from here?


Prescription pick-up,  pillbox, medication management, and administration. Insulin and other prescribed injections, catheter changes, and management. IV therapy. Vital Sign monitoring and communication with MD.


I can connect you with trusted resources

to get your final documents filed, work side by side with Hospice to ensure your end of life wishes are met. I support patients and families at the end of life, perform home funerals, help with final arrangements to make sure everything is on paper. Assistance with funeral home/crematorium services.

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24/7. Our team strives to be available at all times. Just give us a call.

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